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Changes to VISA Fees – Effective April 1st

In keeping with our commitment to inform you about industry changes, we are writing to notify you of various changes that have recently been announced by Visa. For news relating to this announcement.

Effective April 1, 2012, Visa will implement a new Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF), which is at least $2/month (with exceptions), and reductions to variable fees for all card products. The merchants will be notified in their April month end statement. See below for details:

1. Reduced Variable Fees: Visa will reduce the current Network Acquirer Processing Fee currently assessed at $0.0195 per authorization request for Visa debit card products by $0.004, to an amount of $0.0155. The current fee of $0.0195 will remain unchanged on Visa branded credit card products including commercial cards.

2. New Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF): Visa will add a new monthly Fixed Acquirer Network Fee which may vary each month and is based on the number of merchant locations, Merchant Category Code (MCC), Card Present / Card Not Present Identifiers and Total Gross Sales Volume per Taxpayer ID, per month.

The tables attached reflect the billing structure as outlined by Visa:

• Table 1a: Customer Present - High Volume MCC Merchants: Billing is based on the number
of merchant locations per Taxpayer ID for specified MCCs

• Table 1b: Customer Present – All Other MCC Merchants (MCC 5814 Excluded): Billing is
based on the number of merchant locations per Taxpayer ID for all other MCCs

• Table 2: Card Not Present, Merchant Aggregators and Fast Food Restaurants: Billing is
based on monthly gross sales volume per Taxpayer ID

o If a Customer Present merchant has both Card Present and Card Not Present transactions,
fees from table 1 (A or B, as applicable) and table 2 will apply.

o Merchant locations without a taxpayer id are counted as a single location for the purposes
of the fee application

• Exceptions: Visa will waive the new Fixed Acquirer Network Fee for Charitable / Social Service
Organizations (MCC 8398).

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