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Carrier Swipe LLC. was founded to help the auto transport and trucking industries. We are here to provide the auto transport companies and any other establishment whether retail or service the opportunity to accept credit, debit, check cards and personal checks safely and securely. If you want to get the best rates without the bull, then you need to be part of the Carrier Swipe Team! We promise this, Carrier Swipe along with our partner company CBC are not going to get you in the door with teaser rates and then nail you with the downgrades. We are a straight shooting company that will analyze your current situation and give you a solution! We offer both three tier and the little known interchange rates which big box retailers like Walmart and Target use and so can we. Most companies will offer only one solution, we offer both and will advise you as to which way to go, whether with us or any company that may be knocking at your door.

We are so confident that we can save you a truckload worth of money. We offer this:

If your company is already accepting credit cards, If you send us two months worth of current statements we guarantee that we can save you 10-20% and sometimes more!

If not, we will send you a $100.00 Visa® gift card free with no obligation after your 2nd month of processing!

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The Carrier Swipe Team

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