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Carrier Swipe Solutions for Retail and Small Businesses


Why you should take credit cards
Some small business owners (and even some larger businesses) are reluctant to accept credit cards because of the fees involved, but your customers will expect to have this convenience when they come into your establishment.

An objective examination of the rates and fees involved even for small businesses concludes that you simply cannot compete without a quality merchant account in today’s modern economy.

Carrier Swipe is a multi-tier and interchangeable provider of payment processing services throughout the United States, operating proprietary on-site data centers, customer service, and custom development for our partners and agent banks. Carrier Swipe provides a full suite of low cost payment processing services within one consolidated merchant account.

The average American’s reliance on cash and checks for retail and Internet business transactions is continually diminishing. Today, the average American adult carries at least two credit cards. Together, Visa’s and MasterCard’s annual volume exceeds $210 billion dollars.

If you want to compete in business today, you must accept credit cards and start processing credit card payments.

24-48 Hour Payment Fulfillment – Receive funds within 2-4 business days for e-check and credit card payments.

Over 88% of all internet and phone sales are paid for by credit card merchant account.

Friendly In-House Customer Service 24/7/365 – Anytime of day or night, weekends or holidays, if you’re front office ever has a problem, they don’t call you, they call us. Our in-house call center is trained and ready to help.

Carrier Swipe Partners with Retail Organizations
Business that except credit card payments typically have sales greater than 300% of their completion based on the same conditions.

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