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Credit Card Processing for Auto Transport & Trucking Industries

Brokers always have had a need for accepting credit cards. But now more than ever it’s so important for Carriers to get on board. Not only is it a hassle to carry around a bunch of cash and checks it was and is downright dangerous. It was lousy not getting the money in the bank in a timely manner and it was a real pain in the butt for the customers to pull out cash. Customers these days use credit and debit cards for over 80% of their purchasing. Carrier Swipe, LLC can show you ways to save your business money and it doesn’t matter if you a broker or carrier. Carrier Swipe, LLC knows the auto transport industry and will save you money. Fortunate for us, we have employees that spent over 20 years in the finance and merchant services field and we have teamed up with the largest processing companies in the world so that we can offer the very best cost in rates and superior customer service.

Brokers: Save money because we will get you better rates and teach you how to get qualified rates every time. We can do this without a charge and to show you how much money you can save simply keep your current processing company and compare statements.

Carriers: Start accepting cards and you will have more COD’s and less trips to the bank. With our equipment you will get qualified rates  and debit card transactions will costs you around a dollar. Also the carriers we have currently processing cards charge a fee and end up making more per transport.

Because of the shear volume (Billions of dollars in sales) of our processing partners we are able to offer FREE WIRELESS CREDIT CARD MACHINES.

If you or your company currently accept credit cards over the phone this is called a MOTO account (Mail Order Telephone Order). MOTO is not the way to go unless it is absolutely necessary. See, with having the wireless machine the driver can swipe the card in front of the customer, hands the card back and customer signs, just like you would do if you walked into any retail store. The benefit to this is that the because the customer is in front of you get what VISA/MC call a Qualified Rate whereas if you took that same credit card information over the phone, that same transaction would be downgraded to what is called a Mid Qualified which costs you more money. The other beauty to accepting credit/debit cards is that no matter what your charge is, if the customer puts his or her pin into the wireless machine you will only be charged about a BUCK! That’s right one dollar. Visa and MC feel that by a customer using their debit/check cards and using their secret 4 digit pin code the chances for fraud are slim and none.

Transport charge $100 you pay a processing fee of $1.00
Transport charge $800 you pay a processing fee of $1.00
Transport charge $10,000 you pay a processing fee of $1.00

So here are some of the benefits to you:
1: Money from the transaction is automatically deposited into your account
2: Processing fees are low
3: Customer prefers this method
4: Increase your sales when customers knows you accept credit cards
5: Safety
6: Debit/Check cards only $1.00 no matter the charge
7: Cash Advance program up to $150,000
8: No setup fees
9: No annual fee

If you are interested in taking advantage of our free offer please call or fill out the information form at our home page and we will get in touch with you promptly. If you already accept credit cards then you definitely need to call us. Fax us your current statement and we will save you a ton of money. We guarantee that we can save you 10-20%.

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